Intense Pulsed Light

Why Choose Intense Pulsed Light?

Advanced Science behind IPL treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) utilizes optical filters to generate certain wavelengths of light for treatments of specific targets such as hair, veins, pigmented lesions, and collagen. The main difference between a laser and IPL is that the laser uses one wavelength of light only, whereas IPL uses a broad spectrum range.

Hair Removal

Why choose Clareon IPL for Hair Removal treatment?
The scientific and clinical answer would be, choose the Clareon due to our patented Krypton Light source that produces more patient comfort with less erythema. Whether its unsightly hair that makes you self-conscious, or painful irritated skin peppered with cuts, razor bumps and in grown hair. The ability to go to beach, gym, or normal day to day life with smooth, hairless skin. No prep or planning required.

What to expect from Hair Removal with the Clareon IPL?
For effective hair removal that lasts, we suggest your clients use the HR hand piece on your Clareon IPL. The HR emits broad spectrum wavelengths into the target area. The specific spectrum of light targets the hair follicle. Not all hair will be removed at the same time. Hair follicles in the transitional, resting, or shedding phase will not transfer heat to the growth cells located in the dermal papilla of the follicle. For this reason, multiple treatments are required to treat all follicles while in the growth phase. Treatments are typically scheduled every 4-6 weeks depending on your needs. Trained providers will be able to discuss the treatments in detail, providing remarkable results and patient satisfaction.

Skin Rejuvenation

Why Choose the Skin Rejuvenation IPL treatment?
Imagine having the skin of your dreams, flawless, smooth, and free of imperfections that doesn’t require make-up and retouching in pictures. Our device effective in treating a variety of skin conditions from red splotches, reducing pore size, eliminating and reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age and sun spots, broken capillaries, spider veins, and stretch marks. The results of skin rejuvenation can be dramatic in just 3-5 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart with a visibly tighter, clearer, and refreshed complexion. Women reported skin that looks 10 years younger after a visit to us for an IPL treatment.

What to expect from SR Treatment?

SR also known as the “photojuvenation” or “facial rejuvenation” is a different type of light treatment than the standard laser used for procedures. It has a broad wavelength which when pressed against the skin gives off a red/orange color, like a camera flash. It can treat broader treatment areas than the more pointed beam of laser light leading to less treatment time, more cost-effective results, and less downtime. Most patients compare treatment with SR IPL as painless as being snapped with a rubber band. There is hardly any downtime however patients are advised to stay out of the sun for 2 weeks prior to and after treatment. The skin will have increased sun sensitivity after light exposure, therefore, sunscreen and protective clothing is advised.

Procedure Details
During an IPL procedure, intense light from a broad spectrum of wavelengths is focused on the targeted skin area. While the IPL device is lightly pressed onto the skin, a transparent surface emits the light on the selected area. The science behind the efficacy of the IPL procedure is that the specialized light encourages the production of collagen which fills in lines, wrinkles, and scarring. The boost in collagen production also reduces redness, discoloration, and age spots. The area of the skin that has been treated is naturally healed by the body. Either small scabs appear on the skin which fall away in a week or the body’s lymphatic system removes the organic waste.

Age Spots

Why choose the Clareon IPL for anti-aging treatment?
Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around IPL treatments for the reversal of sun damage and aging. The scientific facts prove the efficacy of IPL treatments which uses a broad spectrum of light, unlike a laser which is a targeted beam. Furthermore, according to Stanford Medical University, the long-term effect of the IPL treatment, also known as the “photofacial” or “photorejuvenation”, actually reverses the signs of aging. So, while there is no magic pill available that would stall the aging process, several IPL treatments is as close as you can come at the practitioner’s office for skin that is noticeably younger and refreshed.

How does IPL work for anti-aging?
Intense Pulsed Light is the latest in light treatment technology to target pigment issues, such as brown spots, and sun damage. Sun damage and aging does not just show visible color changes and pigmentation within the skin. While the dermal layer thins, less collagen is produced and the elastin fibers that provide elasticity wear out. These changes in the skin cause wrinkles and sagging which can only be reversed by the stimulation of collagen by such devices as the Clareon IPL.

What makes the Clareon IPL device unique is its ability to pass through the epidermis (the second layer of the skin) to draw out the pigment producing cells (melanin) which will be removed by the body’s lymphatic system. There is virtually no downtime or discomfort associated with the procedure and most people find it as painless as a rubber band hitting the skin. IPL is a versatile device that can be used on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back arms, legs and just about anywhere on the body. Women who received consistent IPL treatment reported seeing improvements in their skin looking as much as 10 years younger. A series of 3-5 treatments is recommended spaced out about a month apart for ultimate results.

What to expect after a Clareon IPL treatment for aging?
Aging is an inevitable process that we all face. The appearance of pesky fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots can have a major emotional impact on your customer’s self-esteem and appearance often causing depression and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. However, the extent to which we age and how we approach our aging skin and bodies has to do with individual choice in anti-aging treatment.
We believe that everyone should look their best regardless of their natural age. Our customized treatment ensures the removal of age spots as well as a lessening of fine lines and wrinkles for a skin that looks decades younger in a series of treatments.

Skin Tightening

Why choose the Skin Tightening IPL Treatment?

Have you looked in the mirror and noticed that your skin looks different as the years go by? Perhaps, it is a little sagging under the chin or arms that have more loose skin than you’d like to see. Based on genetics, environment, diet, and lifestyle the appearance and condition of the skin on the face and body differ for every individual. As part of the aging process, skin loses elasticity and begins to sag around the face, neck, under the chin, upper arms, underarms, abdomen, above the knees and inner thighs. However, the advancement of time does not discriminate and skin that doesn’t look its best can impact your self-esteem and confidence in appearance.

How does IPL Skin Tightening treatment work?

The science behind the IPL treatment is effective for a number of skin conditions such as age spots, wrinkles, rosacea, veins, and skin rejuvenation and sagging. The procedure works by bypassing the top layer of the skin (epidermis) to heat up the second layer of the skin (dermis) which results in new collagen production that visibly tightens loose skin. The best results can be achieved on sagging skin that is without much fat. Furthermore, the light-based system of the IPL provides a more uniform distribution of energy for heating the second layer of the skin, a feature that has been found to be more effective than its competitors on the market. The broad spectrum wavelength from an IPL treatment can treat broader areas of the skin than the pointed beam of the laser resulting in treatment that is more effective, shorter in duration, and with less downtime. Most patients report feeling a mild discomfort, swelling, and reddening of the skin after treatment that should dissipate in a few hours. The result? Skin that looks tighter, younger, and refreshed for the optimal in customer satisfaction.

The Skin Tightening IPL difference

While aging is irreversible, science has made a breakthrough with the first, non-surgical, light-based dermal heating system approved by the FDA for lax skin. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a non-invasive treatment that provides a natural approach to skin tightening without injections, surgery, or recovery time. Your customers will feel a difference in the appearance, texture, and elasticity of their skin in just two to three treatments over a course of a few months. While, customers can expect noticeable improvement three to four weeks after the first treatment, the real difference in the before and after will be evident three to four weeks after the second IPL treatment.

Vascular Removal for Clear Skin

What to expect from angioma treatment?

While we all desire smooth, even skin without blemishes or moles, sometimes we have to deal with unpleasant growths like angiomas. However, as we age, our environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors take a toll on our skin making it less resilient and supple, more prone to outbreaks and sensitivity. If your customers suffer from angiomas then you should suggest the latest scientific development in the IPL industry which is the gold standard for the treatment of such abnormalities. Multiple treatments of angiomas with IPL will cauterize the lesion or area, which is conducive to minimizing the bumps and relieving the redness associated with the condition. After one or two treatments, you will experience smooth, flawless skin in place of the redness of the angioma.

Results of angiomas treatment

Most often, 1-2 sessions of IPL is required for effective treatment of smaller angiomas, while large angiomas may require more sessions to see results. Most patients will notice these blood vessels “popping” after less than a week. However, if your customer is nervous about receiving IPL treatment for angiomas, there’s no need to worry, there is hardly any downtime or scarring associated with the procedure. With a few treatments, your customer’s skin can look renewed, free from cherry angiomas and other irregularities and ready to face day-to-day challenges. The science behind IPL treatment is specifically designed to minimize any downtime or discomfort you may experience while treating your skin concerns.


Facial Vessels

Why choose Vascular Removal IPL treatment?

Have you noticed unsightly red veins around your eyes, mouth, and nose or on larger areas of the face? Also, known as telangiectasia or spider veins, these skin abnormalities can be a result of a culmination of factors such as genetics, excessive sun and wind exposure, alcohol consumption, pregnancy, hormones, trauma to the skin, and medications that widen blood vessels. The most pronounced veins are typically found on fair-skinned individuals who have had a lot of sun exposure. While facial veins pose no health concerns unless they start bleeding, many customers are self-conscious about the appearance of veins on the delicate areas of the face and try to cover it up with make-up. The Vascular Removal IPL treatment is the perfect choice for erasing veins from the face with its innovative technology that penetrates beyond the first layer of the skin to heat up and damage the blood vessels which causes them to collapse and eventually be painlessly removed from the body.

What to expect during VR treatment

If your customers are looking to erase veins for even-toned, flawless skin that has no redness or abnormalities, IPL treatment is a safe and effective procedure for many individuals. The science behind IPL is the broad spectrum of a wavelength of light that is used to target veins that are visible at the surface of the skin. The location of the veins on the skin as well as the customer’s skin color can affect the results. The procedure can be performed in approximately 15 to 45 minutes depending on the location and amount of spider veins to be treated. Most people report experiencing minimal discomfort like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. There is virtually no downtime associated with treatment except some redness and swelling which might require ice after the procedure. It is recommended for most patients to stay out of the sun 2 weeks before and after the procedure due to the light sensitivity associated with IPL treatment. Some customers may need to undergo multiple treatment sessions four to six weeks apart to see desired results. However, once the VR treatment with IPL has been performed the results are permanent unless new veins appear on the skin.


Why choose the Clareon IPL to Treat Rosacea?

Studies have found IPL to be an excellent treatment for rosacea because it targets both redness and brown hyperpigmentation enabling the customer to see overall tone improvement in the skin. To be more specific, the oxyhemoglobin in the blood absorbs the broadband wavelength from the IPL which creates heat that helps destroy the capillaries responsible for rosacea. The recommended treatment protocol for rosacea with IPL is 3-5 sessions spaced out over 4 weeks. Some contraindications for IPL treatment of rosacea is having tanned skin, patients should avoid sun exposure 2 weeks prior to and after the procedure. Furthermore, patients should check with their doctors about any prescription medications that may interfere with treatment. Post-treatment, the vessels are resorbed and facial redness diminishes.

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