November 21, 2023

Pulsed Light Hair Removal: What to Expect

Pulsed Light Hair Removal, also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, is a popular, non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to minimize hair growth. This blog post will guide you through what to expect from this treatment. We will delve into the fundamental principles of IPL, discussing how it works and why it is effective.

Moreover, we’ll outline the process of a typical IPL session, potential side effects, and necessary pre and post-treatment care. Our goal is to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Pulsed Light Hair Removal is the right choice for you.

Effectiveness of IPL for Hair Reduction: What Results Can You Anticipate?

  • IPL is effective in reducing hair growth.
  • It works by emitting light that is absorbed by hair pigments.
  • The absorbed light is converted into heat, damaging the hair follicle.
  • This impedes hair growth and leads to a significant reduction in hair growth after several treatments.
  • Many patients report up to 70-80% less hair growth in treated areas.
  • Results can vary depending on factors like hair color, skin type, and treatment area.
  • Coarser, darker hair tends to respond better to IPL treatment.
  • Some patients may need maintenance treatments to sustain the results.
  • IPL can considerably reduce hair growth and make hair finer and less noticeable.

The IPL Procedure: Step-by-Step Process of a Typical Hair Removal Session

The IPL hair removal procedure is generally straightforward, providing a comfortable setting for patients:

  1. Consultation: The initial step is a consultation with the professional. During this session, your medical history will be reviewed, your skin and hair type will be assessed, and the procedure, including potential risks and benefits, will be explained.
  2. Preparation: Before the treatment begins, the area to be treated will be cleaned, and a cooling gel will be applied. This gel helps to protect the skin and enhances the effectiveness of the light.
  3. IPL Treatment: The IPL device will be adjusted based on your specific skin color and hair type. The professional will then place the IPL device on your skin and begin the treatment. You will feel a slight warmth or tingling sensation as the light pulses are applied.
  4. Post-Treatment: After the treatment, the gel will be cleaned off, and a soothing lotion will be applied to the treated area. The entire process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area.
  5. Follow-up: After the session, it’s important to avoid sun exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen. Another treatment session will be scheduled 4-6 weeks later, as hair grows in cycles, and multiple treatments are necessary to catch all of it.

Remember, individual experiences with IPL can vary, and it’s essential to follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by your professional.

Considering IPL treatment for hair removal or skin rejuvenation? Here at Oceanside Medical, we use cutting-edge Intense Pulsed Light technology that allows us to treat a wide array of skin conditions and hair removal needs with precision and speed. Unlike laser therapy, our IPL treatments utilize a broad spectrum of light wavelengths, enabling us to cover larger treatment areas in less time.

Whether you’re looking to reduce unwanted hair or target pigmented lesions and veins, our specialists are ready to create a tailor-made treatment plan for you. Don’t hesitate any longer; take the first step toward smoother, clearer skin today. Contact Oceanside Medical to schedule your consultation and find out if IPL therapy is the right choice for you.

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