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Crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles, forehead lines, and frown lines may be an inevitable part of the aging process — but showing them doesn’t have to be! Botox and Dysport are the proven safe, effective and popular way to smooth stubborn wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes and between the brows. Smooth it over and look rested, without ever looking stiff when you trust your appearance to our expertly-trained injectors.

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Those wrinkles that deepen over time, such as those around your forehead, eyes, and between your brows, are known as “dynamic wrinkles” and are caused by muscle movement. These wrinkles deepen and leave permanent creases with age and repeated muscle movement. Neuromodulators, such as Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, and Jeuveau relax these muscles by intercepting muscle movement. Botulinum toxin type A — the active ingredient in these products — is remarkably safe and backed by decades of clinical research.


Looking for Dysport or Botox services in Rhode Island? Oceanside Medical is proud to offer our patients both options. Our experienced staff will recommend the choice that’s right for you. While Dysport and Botox injections are both Type A botulinum toxin used for similar purposes, there are a few differences.

Because of their different molecular weight, more units of Dysport are typically used than Botox in a treatment. You’ll find, however, that the cost per unit for each product reflects that.

Dysport generally has a faster time of onset of 24-48 hours, compared to up to a week for Botox.


Dysport tends to diffuse over a wider area than in Botox services. Botox is often preferred for deeper lines that need a more targeted injection solution.


Friends and colleagues will ask if you’ve been on vacation, since your wrinkle treatment results will look so natural yet noticeable! Your highly-specialized injector will use a small syringe to safely inject a predetermined amount of neurotoxin (ensuring your “after” is subtle and elegantly smooth) in the precise areas you’d like to focus on, in as little as 10-15 minutes.

You’ll notice the gradual smoothing of lines and wrinkles as your muscles relax over the coming 7-14 days. You’ll find the refreshed look you’ve been seeking — that can last up to three months!


Treatment Length: 20 minutes or less
Downtime: None
Sessions required: Touch-up every 90 days.
Discomfort Level: Very minimal (0-2 of 10)
Results last: Up to three months


Our focus is on natural outcomes from your forehead wrinkle and fine lines treatment — and with all injectables physician-overseen or administered, you can rest assured you are in the very best hands. Our boutique atmosphere and refreshingly personal patient attention may be the first things you love about Oceanside — but they certainly won’t be the last. With all treatments overseen by an MD and a full suite of services to enhance your wellness-focused lifestyle; there’s simply nothing else quite like Oceanside Medical.

What is a botulinum toxin injection?
Injections of botulinum toxin involve several different injections into the muscles of the face. There are 43 muscles in the face and it’s vital that the person who performs the injection understands the anatomy and can optimize your treatment. A very small needle (similar to an insulin needle) is injected into specific muscles. The goal is to weaken the wrinkle-producing muscles preserving your natural facial expression. The number of injections needed will depend on your facial features and the extent of your wrinkles. (Source:
How safe is Botox?
Botox is generally considered safe. However, with any injection, there is always the risk of bruising and pain at the injection site, flu-like symptoms, headache, nausea, redness, temporary facial weakness, or drooping. Botox is very unlikely to cause breathing problems, trouble swallowing, muscle weakness, or slurred speech (Source:
How long does it take for Botox to work? How long does it last?
You may notice results within a few days, but it can take up to a week to see the full effect. The effect will typically last about three to four months.
What should I avoid after Botox?
Do not rub or massage the treated area after an injection because it can cause the botulinum toxin to migrate to another area of the face. This could risk temporary facial weakness or drooping.
What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?
Botox and Dysport are both types of botulinum toxin, which is the active ingredient that leads to wrinkle relaxation. The difference is the potency and the effectiveness which is related to the carrier protein, which is part of the botulinum toxin molecule. The safety profile is excellent for both products although there is a risk of side effects for all medications. There is evidence to show that the effects of Dysport show up sooner; however, Botox may last longer, although individual results may vary.
Who can’t get Botox?
You may not be a good candidate for either Botox or Dysport if you are pregnant, have a history of botulinum toxin sensitivity, or have a milk allergy. As a precaution, you may need to discontinue blood thinners, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and fish oil supplements, as well as thyme, turmeric, oregano, cayenne pepper, ginger, vitamin E, and ginkgo biloba, as these may contribute to blood thinning as well. This can cause the blood to be thinner, which can lead to excessive bruising or swelling.
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