Trimlaze Treatment

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The TrimLaze Treatment

The TrimLaze is a state of the art non-invasive slimming instrument, ideal for patients to get rid of stubborn fat in less time. It adopts the 1060nm wavelength laser, which can be absorbed by the fat cells without destroying the surrounding tissues. It offers convenient, comfortable contouring for any skin type.


Flat non-invasive applicator for consistent results
The 4 individual flat non-suction applicators and unique placement system are easy to use and provide the control needed to reach patients problem areas.


Contact Cooling
Helps keep the skin cool and comfortable during treatment.


Targeted laser technology
Keeping the fat tissue temperature to 107F-117F (ideal temperature to breakdown fat cells) without damaging the surrounding tissue.


User-friendly interface
The system and screen are designed to be user-friendly, which makes for easy use.

TrimLaze Tech


  • Four hands free applicators – Enable the patient to treat multiple areas at the same time.
  • Contact Cooling – Make the treatment comfortable and well tolerated.
  • Controlled hypothermic laser technology – Keep the adipose tissue temperature to 107.5- 115 F without damaging the surrounding tissue.
versality TrimLaze Treatment

Versatility and Control

The flexible applicator system treats all different sizes and areas. The four individual flat, non-suction applicators and unique placement system are easy to use and provide the control needed to treat patients problem areas.

treatment after before trimLaze

The TrimLaze Advantage

How TrimLaze Works – Procedure

  • Target the treatment area – 1060nm laser will precisely target the fat cells below the dermis.
  • Destroy fat cells – 1060nm is the ideal wavelength for controlled destruction of fat cells.
  • Eliminate fat cells – Over the course of 4-8 weeks your body will expel out the dead fat cells.


01 Target the treatment area

Target the treatment area

1060nm laser to target the fat cells below the dermis.


02 Destroy the fat cells

Destroy the fat cells

1060nm laser controlled energy destroys fat cells.


03 Eliminate the fat cells

Eliminate the fat cells

Overtime, the destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated by your body.


04 Performance


The result can be seen as quickly as 6 weeks after the treatment.


Treatment Length: 25 minutes
Sessions required 4-6 per area
Discomfit: Moderate
Results last: months w prolonged results achieved with good diet and health habits.


With all treatments physician-overseen and with a focus on personal attention, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy both the safest and most effective chemical peel results. Our boutique atmosphere and refreshingly personal patient attention may be the first thing you love about Oceanside – but they certainly won’t be the last. We invite you to discover for yourself why there’s simply nothing else quite like Oceanside.

Which TrimLaze Treatment Plan Is Right for You?

Will discuss at consult

What are the benefits of TrimLaze treatment?

TrimLaze is a noninvasive procedure used for body contouring. It is a form of laser treatment that results in lipolysis, a procedure that melts and eliminates body fat. With the help of TrimLaze, you can remove unwanted fat from troubled, stubborn areas.

• Time saving
• Nonsurgical & noninvasive
• Efficiency
• Temperature control
• Mild side effects
• Natural and permanent results

How quickly will I see results of TrimLaze treatment?

Many clients start to see results as early as six weeks following treatment.
TrimLaze is not a weight loss solution, and therefore does not result in weight loss following treatment.

How long do the results last of TrimLaze treatment?

Treated fat cells are eliminated during a treatment and will not regenerate.

Ideal candidate for TrimLaze treatment?

TrimLaze candidates have stubborn fat in areas that seem resistant to diet and exercise. TrimLaze is intended for non-invasive fat reduction of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner, and outer thighs

Can I do anything to enhance the TrimLaze treatment?
  • TrimLaze works best for those who complement the procedure with a continued healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise is recommended.
  • After treatment drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to help optimize the fat removal.
  • Massage the treated area regularly to help with fat removal
  • For optimal results TrimLaze recommends at least 2 treatments per area 4-6 weeks apart
Is it normal for nodules to appear after the TrimLaze treatment?

Fat nodules after the TrimLaze treatment are common and a normal part of the procedure. These develop as the body begins to break down and eliminate the fat tissue. They can occur anywhere in the treated area and are not necessarily symmetrical.